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Winemakers Worldwide Converge at Chateau Ste. Michelle for the 4th Riesling Rendezvous

Jul 30, 2013

Winemakers from seven countries and seven states converged at Chateau Ste. Michelle winery Sunday, July 14th for the fourth Riesling Rendezvous. Hosted by Chateau Ste. Michelle of Washington and Dr. Loosen, the famed German Riesling estate, Riesling Rendezvous featured wineries from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Slovakia, California, Idaho, Michigan, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Washington. More than 650 Riesling enthusiasts attended the Grand Tasting and experienced the finest Rieslings from around the world and the diversity of Rieslings from each region. Guests also sampled an array of Riesling friendly food from popular Seattle food trucks Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen, Marination Mobile and Snout & Co., along with appetizers prepared by Chateau Ste. Michelle's Culinary Director John Sarich and culinary staff.

“It was remarkable to have some of the most renowned Riesling winemakers from around the world travel to Woodinville to participate in Riesling Rendezvous and showcase their Rieslings for consumers and trade,” says Ted Baseler, president of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. “This Riesling Rendezvous was the largest gathering of Riesling producers and enthusiasts in the world. We hope the consumers, wine writers and wine buyers who attended the Grand Tasting walked away with a greater appreciation, understanding and enthusiasm for Riesling.”

The Grand Tasting was part of the fourth Riesling Rendezvous, a three-day event July 14-16, 2013 designed to bring together leading experts and producers to explore the versatility of Rieslings from around the world, discuss issues and opportunities surrounding the advancement of Riesling, and forge alliances among producers and Riesling enthusiasts. The trade tastings July 15 & 16 were held at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle and featured in-depth blind tastings and seminars led by distinguished speakers and producers, on topics such as Proving That Terroir Matters, The Electric Riesling Acid Test: The Effect of Sweetness & Acidity with Food, Marketing Riesling, Masters of Riesling and Riesling pairing demonstrations with cheese and smoked salmon.

Chateau Ste. Michelle has been a champion of Riesling for more than 40 years and was among the first to plant Riesling in the state of Washington. Ste. Michelle was catapulted into the national spotlight when its 1972 Johannisberg Riesling won the now-famous blind tasting of nineteen White Rieslings sponsored by the Los Angeles Times. Today, Chateau Ste. Michelle offers up to eight different Riesling styles designed to showcase the versatility of Riesling and the regional styles within Washington’s Columbia Valley, which produces more Riesling than any other American wine region.

More than a decade ago, Chateau Ste. Michelle teamed up with Ernst Loosen to collaborate on Eroica Riesling, an ultra-premium Washington Riesling. Riesling Rendezvous was born out of this special partnership’s commitment to promote the extraordinary nature of Riesling.

Riesling Rendezvous Fast Facts:
o 650 consumers, trade, media and producers attended the sold out Riesling Rendezvous Grand Tasting July 14 at Chateau Ste. Michelle.
o 280 producers, trade, wine writers and several consumers participated in the trade tastings July 15 & 16 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center.
o 75 wineries from seven countries and seven states were featured at the Riesling Rendezvous Grand Tasting.
o 50 wine writers from around the world attended the events.
o A total of 393 wines were showcased over the three day events.
o 9,000 Riedel glasses were used for the trade tastings.

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