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The culinary team at Chateau Ste. Michelle is pleased to present its 2009 chef dinners. Join our talented chefs for these specially themed dinners that will be showcased with award winning wines from the Ste. Michelle portfolio.

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Unseasonably cold temperatures well below freezing in Eastern Washington this week allowed Chateau Ste. Michelle winemakers to harvest Riesling ice wine Tuesday (Dec. 16) in 0 degree temperatures. Weather conditions have enabled Chateau Ste. Michelle to harvest ice wine only six times in the Washington winery’s 40-year history. (Previous vintages were produced in 1978, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2008.) Chateau Ste. Michelle was one of the first producers of ice wine in North America when it released its 1978 Ice Wine. Ice wine is rare because it requires a hard freeze below 14 degrees.

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Washington state’s pioneering winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle, is expanding and replanting its renowned estate vineyards of Cold Creek and Canoe Ridge Estate, employing the latest technology and sustainability standards. More than 38 acres of new vines were planted this year at Cold Creek’s original 691-acre vineyard – mostly to Cabernet Sauvignon. At Canoe Ridge Estate more than 30 acres were added in 2008 to the vineyard’s 531 existing acres, primarily to Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Additionally, in 2009 nearly 45 original acres at Cold Creek will be replanted to different varieties, and 14 acres will be replanted at Canoe Ridge Estate. Both sites are famed for providing fruit for some of the state’s most acclaimed wines over the past several decades.

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For the eighth straight year and 14th time since 1988, Washington’s Chateau Ste. Michelle has been named to the annual Winery of the Year list compiled by Wine & Spirits magazine, one of the industry’s most prestigious publications.

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Washington’s founding winery Chateau Ste Michelle was named “Wine Brand of the Year” by Market Watch at the publication’s “Leaders Choice Awards” ceremony Sept. 17th in New York. A group of “Leaders,” more than 200 top store owners whose combined annual revenues exceed $10 billion, vote for “the established and new brands in spirits, wine and beer.” In its October issue, the trade magazine cited the winery’s impressive growth over the last decade as the major factor for the winery’s recognition.

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