Cheese…YES, PLEASE - Session 3

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Join us for this new series as we take a journey exploring everything you ever wanted to know about cheese.

From how it’s made and the many different varieties to the magic that happens when paired with the right wine. Have you ever wondered which cheese can stay out of refrigeration, or what ‘aged’ really means? Each course, you’ll enjoy 5 cheeses and pair them with 4 wines.

Session 3: Picnic Time and Cheeses that can Take a Hike! Taste a variety of cheeses perfect to take on your next outing or to summer outdoor concerts. We will be tasting cheeses in styles that can ‘take a hike’ and stay out of refrigeration, and portable pieces of bliss to take for an outing. Of course these will be paired with wonderful wines to enjoy outdoors and tips for pairing those wines.