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The next time you're sitting on the blanket at one of our summer concerts, enjoying a great bottle of our wine and a slice of brie, consider this: at that very moment, you're helping to support our community in a very big way.

Because of our highly successful Summer Concert Series, which funds our Charitable Contribution program, we're able to support a number of important initiatives such as helping fund Seattle Children's Hospital, providing scholarships for high-achieving, low-income students at state universities, and funding the Viticulture & Enology Program at Washington State University which educates future winemakers and grape growers.

Charitable Contributions Program

As a founder of the Washington wine industry, Chateau Ste. Michelle believes it has a responsibility to champion programs in our local communities. Chateau Ste. Michelle's Charitable Contributions Program provides philanthropic support throughout the U.S. where our employees live and work. Annually, our charitable contributions program benefits nearly 700 non-profit organizations.

Special emphasis is placed on programs that focus on: Viticulture & Enological Education, Arts & Culture, Community Service, Environment/Sustainability, Diversity and Hospitality/Industry Education.

Auction Of Washington Wines

It's nice when a fun night out can be so life changing for others. Founded in 1988, the Auction of Washington Wines represents the Washington wine industry's gift to the community and is the largest charity auction in the country featuring Washington wine.

Hosted on the grounds of our winery, the auction benefits Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation and the Viticulture & Enology Program at Washington State University.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Scholarship Fund

In 2002, Chateau Ste. Michelle established a scholarship fund to support high-achieving, underrepresented minority undergraduates at Washington State University and the University of Washington. The program expanded in 2009 to include students attending any college or university in Washington State.

The program has awarded more than 100 scholarships totaling over $3 million since it began. Students in the program, administered by the College Success Foundation, have an 85-90 percent graduation rate. Like we said, these are some high-achieving students we're talking about.

Viticulture & Enology Program At Washington State University (WSU)

While winemaking might feel like an old, traditional process, there is still much to learn. Because of this, Chateau Ste. Michelle supports the Viticulture & Enology Program at WSU and the new Wine Science Center at WSU Tri-Cities. Their program is critical to the growth of the industry by providing cutting-edge research and training the next generation of vintners and grapes growers. Since 2008, Chateau Ste. Michelle has also partnered with Washington restaurants for the annual "Raise a Glass, Fund A Scholarship" program to benefit the Viticulture & Enology Program at WSU.