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Ranges from shallow to very deep, silt loams and sand; moderate fertility.


Moderate heat accumulation with summer and winter temperature moderation by the Columbia River. Moderate vine vigor helps delay harvest even later. Early bud break and late harvest provide long hang time for clusters and uniform ripening.


Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

As its name suggests, Horse Heaven Vineyard is located in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA adjacent to the Columbia River. Planted in the early 1980's, the vineyards’ quick draining soil is deposited on a rocky volcanic base of fractured basalt. Irrigation management is an important part of the quality of the fruit harvested here. The area’s low annual rainfall and the vineyards’ free draining soil allow us to control water to the vine to keep the grapevines from becoming overly aggressive. The culmination is graceful, seamless wines perfect for enjoying with friends.

Unlike most vines growing in the world today, all vines in Washington are planted on their own rootstocks, since phylloxera, a root-eating aphid, is not an issue here. The combination of the Columbia Valley's desert dryness in the summer and deep winter chill makes us more resistant to pests and molds. Having vines on their own roots helps us maintain the health and longevity of our vineyards and preserves the grape variety in its natural state with no influence from the grafted roots.

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