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Taylor Butterfield in front of the Chateau



“I became fascinated by the winemaking process and had a strong desire to know how the same varietal from the same AVA could taste completly different.”

As an Eastern Washington native and natural-born scientist, Taylor Butterfield understands the importance of the land where grapes are grown, making her an excellent fit as White Winemaker for Chateau Ste. Michelle.

In February of 2023 Taylor joined the Chateau Ste. Michelle team as White Winemaker. Taylor strives for balance in her winemaking—with the right amount of acidity, sweetness, and body to create a wine that can complement food or be enjoyed on its own. “My favorite part about this job is tasting amazing wines and meeting incredible people along the way,” exclaims Taylor. “I’ve made lifelong friendships over the years from people I’ve been lucky to work with.”

Taylor enjoys winemaking in Washington State because of the land’s ability to produce several different varietals in a diverse range of styles. She appreciates that the climate provides lively acidity and vibrant fruit, and that Washington is favorable for sustainability practices.

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