Chateau Picnic Sandwich

Chateau Picnic Sandwich

Chateau Picnic Sandwich


2 Demi Baguettes (small baguettes)
1/3C Gorgonzola
1/3C Mascarpone
1C Orange Juice
3/4C mayonnaise
8-10 slices Prosciutto
2 C Arugula


Heat the orange juice over high heat and reduce until only 2 tablespoons remain. Cool and then add to the mayonnaise.

Combine the gorgonzola and mascarpone and mix will.

Split the baguettes in half lengthwise.

On one half liberally spread the gorgonzola mascarpone spread. On the other half liberally spread the orange mayonnaise. Divide the prosciutto between the two baguettes. Top with the arugula.

Cut each baguettes in half and serve.

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