Brian Mackey


“Making red wine for Chateau Ste. Michelle is beyond exciting and rewarding. I get to make wine that is enjoyed all over the world.”

“Making wine in Washington is a dream come true for any winemaker. We have the comfort and stability of world-class and well-established vineyards, grape varieties, and viticulture techniques. We also have the thrill of exploration and experimentation. Our industry is constantly expanding with new vineyards and wineries, and we are continuously experimenting with different grape varieties and growing techniques.”

While winemaking has long been a part of his life—from playing in his grandparent’s Napa Valley vineyard as a child, to working high school summers at a family winery in Washington state—his path to Winemaker is an unconventional one. He has a degree in English from Boston University and has worked in publishing, software, and for many years as a camera man on movies and television shows in New York and Los Angeles. Throughout all of these careers Brian has been driven by a desire to create something that provides enjoyment and enriches people’s lives.

At Chateau Ste. Michelle he has found the perfect home for his various skills and passions, and he looks forward to creating high quality, premium wines for many years to come.