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Brian Mackey



“Winemaking is invigorating! It involves farming, science, art, and logistics but it also requires passion, drive, and collaboration. That's why I love making wine for Chateau Ste. Michelle. I have an incredible team, a wealth of resources, and I have the pleasure of making wine enjoyed all over the world.”

Washington is a dream come true for any winemaker. We have the comfort and stability of world-class, vineyards and techniques, and the continuous thrill of winemaking exploration Our team is always looking for innovative ways to expand our horizon. Whether we are experimenting with a diverse grape variety, looking for new growing region, or implementing sustainable practices in our vineyards, there is always something to explore.”

Growing up Brian enjoyed visiting his grandparents’ home amidst Napa Valley vineyards and spent his high school summers working at a family-owned Washington winery, but he didn’t find his path to winemaking until later in life. He graduated from Boston University with an English degree and worked for a short time in publishing. After a stint in software he even worked for many years as a cinematographer on movies and television shows in New York and Los Angeles. It wasn’t until he took his honeymoon in the Southern Rhone Valley that his passion for wine and winemaking was rekindled. He returned to the family-owned winery in 2010 and in 2011 he got an internship with Chateau Ste. Michelle. He has worked his way up and now oversees all red winemaking. Throughout all his careers, Brian has been driven to create something spectacular that enriches people’s lives.

At Chateau Ste. Michelle, Brian found the perfect home for his various skills and passions.

Brian Mackey